Falls Creek Youth Encampment

“Falls Creek gives young people the time to separate themselves from the problems of the world, gather their thoughts, and make life changing decisions.”

As a child, a teen camper, sponsor, encourager and youth pastor, Tom Janes, TMCO’s Maintenance Supervisor, has spent decades contributing his time and passion to the Falls Creek Baptist Assembly, the largest religious encampment in the world.

“I know that God is present everywhere, but I continue to go as a sponsor because I want to help enable today’s youth to have the same opportunity I had at their age, to grow deeper in their faith, closer to God and have an awesome time doing that! The First Baptist Church of Holdenville sent around 80 campers this year. We were able to give many more scholarships this year to kids that would otherwise not be able to go, and we would like to get to a place where they could all attend free of charge.

Inspired by a Photograph

In 1917 J.B. Rounds and W.D. Moorer first viewed the Falls Creek property in a photograph at a barber shop in Davis, OK. They immediately agreed that the 160-acre parcel was the perfect place for the annual summer meetings. They secured the property and later that year 273 young people met under a tent in the wilderness. From that humble beginning, Falls Creek has grown to become the largest religious encampment in the world.

Owned and operated by the Baptist General convention of Oklahoma, the center serves members of the Baptist faith, attendees from other denominations use the facility as well. Since its establishment in the early 1900’s the center has welcomed more that 2,000,000 visitors and campers and continues to positively impact the lives of more than 50,000 young people every year.

How you can help

Scholarship donations ensure access to this experience to young people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford to attend. To support our efforts by donating to our scholarship fund please contact the First Baptist Church of Holdenville at 405-379-6606.