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In the field, operators give the TMCO Orifice Fittings high marks across market sectors. From allocation through to custody transfer applications, the single and dual chamber fittings deliver simple, safe, clean, and accurate measurement solutions.

Upstream: Production

Operators need rugged, reliable, and cost-effective allocation measurement data as gas flows up from a well.

Installing the SureShot Single Chamber Orifice Fitting is a choice thousands of companies make every day. The SureShot is ideal for the broadest range of plays including conventional, unconventional and mixed medium.

Midstream: Pipeline, Storage & Compression

Operators managing product flow from production sites through pipelines and into storage require increasingly accurate measurement data.

Between the SureShot Single Chamber and the SureShot Dual Chamber meters, the specific requirements at each measurement point are completely covered. The single chamber delivers simple, easy and proven allocation data while the dual chamber conforms to the latest AGA 3/API 14.3 stringent requirements for custody transfer measurement.

Downstream: Processing & Industrial

As gas travels downstream, the requirement for operational flexibility and accuracy increases,
and the SureShot delivers both. 

The Single Chamber and Dual Chamber meters are easy to
install, use, and maintain.


TMCO has strengthened the advantages of orifice metering by implementing features that improve the performance of your meter runs, simplify your operations, reduce maintenance costs, and keep your people safe in the field.

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