TMCO and FMG sign licensing agreement for North American markets

Houston, TX – TMCO and FMG (Flow Meter Group) today announced the signing of an
agreement wherein TMCO will sell, assemble, and manufacture, FMG’s portfolio of meters and test
equipment for North American markets, including the US, Canada, and Mexico.
TMCO, located in Houston, TX, and Wewoka, OK, has been a trusted provider to the US oil and gas
industry since 2003, offering its highly regarded SureShot® line of single and dual chamber orifice
meters. With a strong focus on measurement engineering, FMG, a renowned Netherlands-based firm,
brings a diverse technology portfolio that encompasses ultrasonic meters, rotary meters, turbine
meters, and cutting-edge test equipment.

TMCO President, Charles Maurice, sees the agreement as a way of providing TMCO’s customers with
access to excellent products through an already trusted supplier. “With TMCO’s well-established
reputation as a designer and manufacturer of orifice meters, the inclusion of FMG’s product line into our
portfolio strengthens our position as a comprehensive solution provider for both upstream and mid-
stream customers. Moreover, this collaboration enables us to cater to projects further downstream,
offering a wider range of high-quality products, all conveniently available through a single point of

Roger Fischer, President of FMG is equally enthusiastic about the potential the agreement unlocks as it
empowers FMG to introduce and support its technologies and products in North American markets.
“TMCO’s reputation for manufacturing exceptional products and offering robust on-site support aligns
perfectly with FMG’s dedication to technology-driven solutions and engaged customer service.
Together, we form a formidable force to meet the diverse needs of customers while ensuring
unparalleled quality and support.”

The agreement covers FMG branded rotary meters, FMG branded turbine meters, FMG branded test
equipment and Transus ultrasonic meters which will carry the TMCO TrueShot®brand.

TMCo Operating, LLC. (TMCO)
Established in 2003, TMCO is a leader in the design and manufacture of orifice fittings for the
measurement of gas in energy and process control industries. The company was established in 2003 and
has more than 150,000 fittings installed across the United States.

Flow Meter Group B.V. (FMG)
FMG is an engineering/manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of
energy and gas measurement systems. FMG produces a wide range of metering technologies including
ultrasonic, rotary, turbine, and diaphragm meters. The company also designs and manufactures volume
conversion devices, master meters and calibration benches.

TMCO simplifies supply chain options for fabrication supply chain

TMCO, a leading provider of orifice fittings and meters to the energy industry, is expanding its portfolio to include a line of valves specifically curated to simplify the buying process for metering skid fabricators.

As an official reseller of WTV Valves of Midland, Texas, TMCO can now provide fabricators with API 6D ball and check valves, rubber-lined butterfly valves, threaded and grooved ball and check valves.

To view TMCO’s full line of WTV valves visit: or contact your regional sales rep

TMCO – The Measurement Company

TMCO designs and manufactures orifice fittings for the measurement of gas in energy and process control industries. Our flagship meter, the SureShot Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting is features customer-driven design features that ensure safe, cost-effective, and operationally excellent solutions to the most demanding gas measurement challenges.

Challenging All to Do Their Best

TMCO’s Tom Janes message of inspiration and challenge was well received by the members of the FISH Club at the Moss High School in Holdenville, OK. FISH – which stands for Focus, Inspiration, Share, and Hook – is the school’s on-campus Christian club and Tom was a recent guest and lunchtime speaker. Tom shared with the 40 students and faculty his life motto of “Being Content, But Never Satisfied” and challenged them to always do their best at whatever they do.

TMCO Launches New Site

TMCO, a leader in the design and manufacture of orifice fittings for the oil and gas and industrial markets, is excited to announce the launch of its new brand and website.

According to CEO Charles Maurice, the brand and website refresh is part of the company’s goal to redefine the company as it continues to strengthen the performance and validity of orifice metering while expanding its product and service portfolios

"Our goal was to honor TMCO’s history as an expert in orifice measurement, while reflecting the energy, potential, and superior technical capabilities of our current team."

Established in 2003, TMCO is a unique company. From the executive office to the production floor–each team member is laser-focused on advancing the accuracy, performance and safety of orifice metering. TheTMCO team–backed by an install base of more than 150,000 fittings in the field–believes that with the design advances they have made to theSureShot fitting, orifice technology can continue to provide safe, cost effective and operationally excellent solutions to the most demanding gas measurement challenges.

Rock Hill Capital Announces its Investment in TMCO

Houston, TX (October 5, 2018) – Rock Hill Capital Group (“Rock Hill”) today announced that it has completed a majority recapitalization of TMCO, Inc. (“TMCO” or the “Company”), a specialty manufacturer of orifice fittings used in natural gas measurement.

TMCO was founded in 2003 by the Carroll family and has manufacturing facilities in Wewoka, Oklahoma, fabrication facilities in Simonton, Texas, and sales and administrative offices in Houston, Texas. The Company manufactures orifice fittings, a type of differential pressure meter which measures the rate of flow, for use in the oil and gas industry. TMCO’s product line consists of the SureShot® Dual Chamber orifice fitting, which benefits from a unique patented design, and the SureShot® Single Chamber orifice fitting. Both of the Company’s orifice fittings are offered in multiple sizes and pressure ratings. The SureShot® orifice fitting design meets or exceeds the guideline specifications, under the AGA3/API 14.3 & ISO 5167 standards for manufacturing custody transfer differential products for both the domestic and international market. Additional information on TMCO’s product offerings can be found at

Charles Maurice, with whom Rock Hill has a long-standing relationship, will join the Company as CEO alongside existing management in connection with the transaction.

The Carroll family has built a great business with a high-quality product and outstanding customer service. We look forward to building on their success. We are excited to partner with Charles to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for growth. Going forward, we plan to help the company invest in new and improved products and expand beyond current end markets while remaining dedicated to manufacturing only the highest quality orifice fittings for our customers,” said Randall B. Hale, Managing Director of Rock Hill.

Charles and the Rock Hill team are a great fit to continue the Carroll family legacy and TMCO’s reputation for high quality products. We are excited about Rock Hill’s strategic vision for the future of the Company and what it means for our employees and our customers,” commented Mark Carroll.

TMCO represents the fifth investment by Rock Hill’s third fund – Rock Hill Capital III, L.P. Debt financing was provided by Cadence Bank and Mutual of Omaha Bank and legal representation services for the transaction was provided by Winston & Strawn.

About Rock Hill Capital

Rock Hill Capital, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a private equity firm that invests in small-to-lower middle market companies located in the South and Southeast U.S. Rock Hill is currently investing out of its third committed capital fund totaling $150MM focusing on companies in the industrial products and services industries. Take a deeper look at Rock Hill Capital and what makes our investments successful by visiting

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