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The UIM-4F four path flow meter has been tested to meet international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9, MID and OIML R137 (class 0.5).

UIM 4F Ultrasonic Meters

The UIM-4F has four paths as standard It has been tested to meet the international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9 and OIML R137 (class 0.5).

Integration of the flow across the paths provides accurate measurement even with varying flow profiles caused by changes in flow velocity, gas composition and pressure or upstream pipe configuration.

Fast response is maintained by the simultaneous transmission on more than one path using Broadband Continuous Wave processing.

The measured flow profile provides a diagnostic tool. Should one path fail, the Path Substitution Algorithm uses historical flow data to continue reliable flow measurements until the path recovers.

Typical Applications

  • Custody transfer metering of natural gas and other gases
  • Allocation metering

UIM 4F Duo Ultrasonic Meters

The UIM-4F Duo consists of two fully independent systems. The main measurement is done by the UIM-4F four path part.

The three path system provides a secondary measurement and uses enhanced diagnostics to enable the user to perform condition-based maintenance. In addition, the UIM-4F Duo provides a wealth of information on the condition of the complete metering system.

Traditional setups utilise a secondary measurement with single or dual paths, usually resulting in an overly sensitive system causing false indications of potential application problems such as fouling, flow conditioner blockages etc. By using a three path secondary measurement, which is less sensitive to slight profile changes, the UIM-4F Duo provides the diagnostics needed to detect potential issues.

The UIM-4F Duo path layouts are significantly different as the paths are oriented at different chord locations. Therefore, common mode errors are not present as both meters respond differently to profile

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