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Eccentric Plug Installation Orientation

Recently customers have asked for additional information on how to properly install the eccentric plug during re-assembly. For  clarification purposes, TMCo has now added the word “UP” to the side of the eccentric plug that faces the top of the Sure Shot  orifice fitting when installed and in the open position.

In the event that your Sure Shot orifice fitting was installed prior to this change, there is another way to tell which direction it  should be installed. If you hold the plug horizontally and look down the shaft, you will notice there is a long side and a short  side.

The short side of the plug should face up in the assembly and the long side should be down against the cast stop in the body.

As you can see in the picture above, the long side of the plug is facing down and resting on the stop on the upstream side of the  fitting. The short side is facing up towards the top of the fitting.

Note: If the plug is installed with the long side up, it will strike the seat plate and prevent it from rolling into the closed position.


TMCO has strengthened the advantages of orifice metering by implementing features that improve the performance of your meter runs, simplify your operations, reduce maintenance costs and keep your people safe in the field.

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